This is the personal and professional website of Aaron Rosenfeld. I currently hold a Bioinformatics Lead position at the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

publications & theses

2018, Frontiers in Immunology: AIRR Community Standardized Representations for Annotated Immune Repertoires

2018, Frontiers in Immunology: ImmuneDB: A novel tool for the analysis, storage, and dissemination of high-throughput immune repertoire sequencing data

2018, The Journal of Immunology: Human Lymph Nodes Maintain TCF-1hi Memory T Cells with High Functional Potential and Clonal Diversity throughout Life

2018, Frontiers Immunology: Computational evaluation of B-cell clone sizes in bulk populations

2017, Nature Immunology: Adaptive immune receptor repertoire community recommendations for sharing immune-repertoire sequencing data [As part of the AIRR Community]

2017, Nature Biotechnology: An atlas of B-cell clonal distribution in the human body

2016, Oxford Journal of Bioinformatics: ImmuneDB: A system for the analysis and exploration of high-throughput adaptive immune receptor sequencing data [Docs]

2016, BMC Bioinformatics: VDJML: a file format with tools for capturing the results of inferring immune receptor rearrangements

2016, Bioinformatics Open Source Conference: Biopython Update 2016

2014, M.S. Thesis: Dynamic Selection of Network Protocols for Group Communications in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks [Slides]

2013, MILCOM: Dynamic Selection of Persistence and Transport Layer Protocols in Challenged Networks

2012, MILCOM: A Comparison of Group-based Data Persistence Techniques in MANETs

2011, MobiHoc MANET Workshop: A Gossip-based Synchronization Protocol for State Consistency in Distributed Applications [Slides]

2011, Bioinformatics: NBC: the Naïve Bayes Classification tool webserver for taxonomic classification of metagenomic reads

2008, php|architect: Messaging the Web: Implementing an SMS System in PHP


November, 2018 - Present: I am working at the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine as a Bioinformatics Lead.

September, 2014 - November, 2018: I am working at Drexel's Systems Immunology Lab as a Software Engineer & Lab Manager.

April, 18 2014 - September 1, 2014: I am working at AIG.

September 19, 2011 - April, 17 2014: I am in school and working at AIG.


e-mail: aaron@rosenfeld.io

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