ImmuneDB 2014 – present


ImmuneDB is a Python system for the processing of IGHV sequencing data including V- and J-gene identification, clonal assignment, mutation analysis, and lineage construction. It is implemented as a suite of command line tools, uses MySQL to store all information, and provides a web interface, implemented in React, for visualization.

Transport Engine 2012 – 2014

Closed Source

The Transport Engine is a Java middleware which allows applications to send information across a possibly disrupted network, while stipulating certain quality of service (QoS) needs. Based on network and data attributes, the Transport Engine dynamically selects combinations of Transport protocols and persistence algorithms to assure the desired level of QoS is achieved, and alleviates the need to select a protocol before deployment.

Ahoy 2010 – 2011

Google Code:

For my senior design project, I'm developing AHOY, an event-based simulation environment used to compare the effectiveness of different combinations of software agents, sensor models, and network configurations in real-world environments.

phpWatch 2008 – present


Publication: php|architect

I am the lead developer of phpWatch, a free, open-source, web-based service monitoring system written in PHP. It includes features to query web services in a number of different fashions and notify the proper individuals through various means when a service is determined to be offline or malfunctioning. phpWatch has a rich API, allowing developers to create custom query and notificiation methods.

XOP 2008 – 2014

Closed Source

XOP is a serverless, cross-platform, asynchronous group messaging framework written in Java which seeks to enable group communications across tactical edge networks using the XMPP chat protocol. It provides the ability to gateway and bridge traffic between tactical edge and enterprise network environments, extending into mobile, disruption-prone, ad-hoc tactical MANETS and cellular networks.

Naïve Bayesian Classifier 2011

Closed Source

With Gail Rosen, I implemented a job-queuing system for the NBC website. This resulted in the journal paper NBC: the Naïve Bayes Classification tool webserver for taxonomic classification of metagenomic reads.